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Vicinity Energy – Trenton, New Jersey 2020

The Customer Challenge

Vicinity Energy (formerly Veolia Energy) has been a Sylvan client for the past five years, during which we have performed a variety of work on Vicinity’s extensive power distribution system. In 2020, Vicinity required major outage work to repair leaks in its systems.

The Sylvan Solution

From late October to early November, we met with Vicinity Energy and three different civil contractors to plan and coordinate immediate outage work. The first outage consisted of five different sites in Trenton with straight runs of pipe and a chamber with a 6-inch return and supply expansion loop. The system was re-energized with no leaks. In total, Sylvan completed 202 diameter inches of welding in a 24-hour window with 0% rejection rate. This was a great start but it was just the beginning. 

Our team was back onsite to weld 80-foot lengths of pipe together and prep for the largest outage we have ever performed for Vicinity Energy. The second outage consisted of 1,674 feet of pipe along with 736 diameter inches of welding. Crews worked on prefabrication all week in order to be prepped for weekend work. Sylvan operated 12-hour shifts to keep work going around the clock. The day shift consisted of 17 men and a General Foreman, while the night shift consisted of 16 men and a General Foreman. Six weld trucks were onsite, along with a skid with two weld machines and three tow-behind welders.

The Result

The outage was successful and the system was reenergized on schedule without issue. Over 13 days, Sylvan successfully installed 2,157 feet of pipe and completed 938 diameter inches of welding, equating to 138 butt-welds. All welds were 100% radiographed to B31.1. All work was completed on time with a total rejection rate of 0.8%.