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Our Quality

Sylvan Quality Highlights

  • Achievement and maintenance of quality requirements and procedures for American Society of Mechanical Engineers authorization stamps.
  • First mechanical contractor to achieve Ford Q1 vendor status.
  • GM Award for Excellence in Vendor Performance.
  • Detailed quality manual that serves as the basis for employee training.
  • Industry and project-specific expertise ensures quality service delivery.
  • High employee retention rates create an institutional knowledge base of projects and project types that is shared across our team.

Labor Relations

We maintain strong relationships with local unions wherever we conduct operations. This enables us to access union resources for manpower, special skills and craftsmanship and training and certification programs. The partnerships we’ve developed over the years allow us to rapidly staff projects and deliver the highest quality on schedule and budget. Many of our key personnel are active union members and we’re a signatory to several UA national agreements. The following summarizes our local and national trade relationships:

United States


  • Local 25 – Iron Workers – Detroit
  • Local 98 – Plumbers – Detroit
  • Local 324 – Operating Engineers – Great Lakes Area
  • Local 636 – Pipefitters – Detroit
  • Local 370 – Pipefitters/Plumbers – Flint
  • Local 1102 – Millwrights – Southeastern Michigan
  • Local 1191 – Laborers – Metro Detroit Area


  • Local 50 – Millwrights
  • Local 102 – Steamfitters/Plumbers – Knoxville
  • Local 177 – Sheet Metal – Nashville
  • Local 522 – Plumbers – Nashville
  • Local 917 – Operating Engineers

New Jersey

  • Local 9 – Plumbers – Central New Jersey
  • Local 28 – Boiler Makers
  • Local 274 – Pipefitters – Jersey City
  • Local 475 – Steamfitters – Newark
  • Local 825 – Operating Engineers


  • Local 452 – Steamfitters/Plumbers – Lexington
  • Local 502 – Plumber/Pipefitters – Louisville


  • Local 597 – Pipefitters – Chicago
  • Local 23 – Pipefitters/Plumbers – Rockford


  • Local 760 – Plumbers/Pipefitters – Sheffield


  • Local 50 – Plumbers/Steamfitters – Toledo
  • Local 55 – Iron Workers – Northwestern Ohio
  • Local 1090 – Millwright – State of Ohio


Plumbers & Steamfitters

  • Local 46 – Plumbers & Steamfitters
  • Local 527 – Plumbers & Steamfitters – Windsor
  • Local 527 – Plumber & Steamfitters – Kitchener

Plumbers & Pipefitters

  • Local 67 – Plumbers & Pipefitters
  • Local 401 – Plumbers & Pipefitters
  • Local 506 – Plumbers & Pipefitters


  • Local 700 – Ironworkers
  • Local 721 – Ironworkers
  • Local 736 – Ironworkers


  • Millwrights of Ontario


Quality Control Without Compromise

Every project we execute adheres to our stringent quality system. Based on the ISO Standard 9002, this system establishes control mechanisms for materials, processes, and verification activities to ensure that Sylvan provides clients the highest quality services. The system is regularly reviewed via internal and external audits to ensure its effectiveness and provide guidance on any needed changes.

The Sylvan Quality System has four layers: quality manual, procedures, work instructions, and departmental/supporting documentation records. The quality plan outlines procedures to identify controls, processes, equipment, resources, and skills needed to achieve the required quality for a specific project.

Best Practices and Procedures

The quality system outlines best practices and procedures for working with clients throughout
every phase of a potential engagement:

Contract Review

Sylvan adheres to documented procedures for contract review to ensure all client requirements are clearly defined and understood, as well as verify that our capabilities can satisfy those requirements.

Document & Data Control

All documentation, including procedures to control documents and construction documents provided by clients, are subject to an established review and approval process.


Suppliers and subcontractors are chosen based on their ability to comply with our quality system, and their performance is closely monitored. Purchasing documents clearly describe ordered products, including quality requirements, and are subject to stringent review prior to release.

Control of Customer
Supplied Product

Sylvan assures the integrity of customer supplied products by receiving, handling, and storing them in a secure manner.

Product Identification
& Traceability

All products, services, and documentation are assigned unique numbers to identify them with a project.

Process Control

Sylvan has documented and repeatable processes and procedures relating to our production and installation services. This includes equipment selection and maintenance, as well as personnel selection.

Inspection & Testing

Inspection and testing are conducted on purchased materials and components, as well as fabrications prior to release of finished products. Inspection records are maintained to verify compliance with stated requirements.

Control of Inspection, Measuring, & Test Equipment

Sylvan has established and maintains documented procedures to control, calibrate, and maintain inspection, measuring, and test equipment. Records of all testing are meticulously managed.

Inspection & Test Status

Sylvan closely manages the status of materials and equipment throughout production, installation, and servicing of a project, including the segregation of non-conforming equipment.

Control of
Nonconforming Product

Any product that fails to conform to specified project requirements is prohibited from use or installation, subject to disposition, repair, and reinspection.

Corrective & Preventive Action

Corrective and preventive action is taken to handle potential and actual problems with the quality system.

Handling, Storage,
Packaging & Delivery

All products purchased and utilized by Sylvan are subject to documented procedures for handling, storage, packaging, preservation, and delivery.

Control of Quality Records

Records are identified, indexed, and stored in a secure environment to minimize deterioration. A Record Retention Matrix associated with the procedure indicates information pertinent to the control of records.

Internal Quality Audits

Internal audits are planned and scheduled based on the importance of the activity. Identified nonconforming conditions are flagged and corrective action is promptly taken.


Sylvan has a comprehensive training program to ensure all personnel assigned to specific tasks are fully qualified with appropriate education, training, and experience.

Statistical Techniques

A quality measurement system is used for statistical analysis control. A list of potential measures is used to determine which company processes need to be tracked and measured for continuous improvement.



  • Plumbing Contractor License
  • Mechanical Contractor License
  • Boiler Installer License
  • Master Plumber License

  • City of Dearborn – Mechanical Contractor
  • City of Dearborn – Plumbing Contractor License
  • City of Detroit – Plumbing Contractor License
  • City of Detroit – Boiler Installer License


  • General Contractor License


  • Boiler Installer License


  • Plumbing Contractors License
  • HVAC License


  • Hydronics Contractor License


  • Plumber Contractor License

West Virginia

  • HVAC, Piping & Plumbing Licenses


  • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Licenses
  • Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners

New Jersey

  • Public Works Contractor Registration License
  • Plumbing & HVAC Licenses


  • S License- HTG.0396943-S1

Rhode Island

  • Pipefitter License