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In expanding our base of operations, we’ve enhanced our pipe and sheet metal fabrication abilities. Currently, we maintain fabrication shops in three key locations: New Jersey, Michigan, and Tennessee. This allows us to consistently deliver high quality work and expedite quick turnover, reducing costs for our clients.

Our fabrication capability extends to a range of processes, power, sheet metal, and specialty piping (including B31.1, B31.3, and API 1104). We work with alloy, stainless steel, carbon, and plastic pipe. Our industry affiliations and ASME authorizations ensure compliance with the latest standards and techniques.


Sylvan is an industry leader in the following welding procedures across all fabrication facilities:

  • Gas metal arc (ARC)
  • Orbital
  • Shielded metal arc (MIG)
  • Gas tungsten arc (TIG)
  • Alloys-chrome-carbon

Full Range of Services

We offer a full range of services to guarantee successful completion and delivery of work.
This includes:

  • Design, layout, and planning
  • Materials management and procurement
  • Technologically advanced sheet metal fabrication shop
  • Skid and steel fabrication
  • Pipe coating
  • Shop assembly
  • Quality assurance & testing
  • Shipping