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3D Laser

Our 3D Group offers state-the-art 3D laser scanning solutions for piping design. This scanning technology captures an
accurate layout of the facility, allowing immediate assessments and efficient modeling. With the point cloud generated by the laser scanning, installation plans such as piping rerouting, part replacement, or new integrations can be completed quickly.
We employ Reflectorless Total Station Technology to scan large facility layouts, capturing billions of points to generate a point cloud.

Point Cloud

The point cloud is used to create models and
run stress or structural analyses. Laser scanning helps by:

  • Capturing complex layouts in
    a short period of time
  • Increases speed and accuracy
  • Reduces field time
  • Saves money

Laser Scanning Technology

Laser scanning offers a precise way to plan for jobs, assess their scope, and properly orient the team.
Our 3D Group presents conceptual layouts that give clients a visualization of the work and helps them better understand pricing. Services we can provide include:

  • Crane layout
  • Scaffold layout
  • Virtual construction
  • On-site logistics